Dr. Laura Portolés Falomir

Laura Portolés Falomir is an assistant professor, member of the LAELA (Applied Linguistics to the Teaching of the English Language) research group at Universitat Jaume I, Spain. She graduated in English philology and was further specialised in English learning and teaching in multilingual contexts. On the 17th December 2013, Laura Portolés Falomir defended her doctoral thesis "Early multilingualism: an analysis of pragmatic awareness and language attitudes in consecutive multilingual children" directed by Dr. Maria Pilar Safont Jordà. On the defense panel sat Dr. Ulrike Jessner, Dr. Eva Alcón Soler, and Dr. Jasone Cenoz. The panel awarded Laura's International thesis Excellent Cum Laude. She has published  several book chapters and journal articles. Her research interests include third language acquisition, affective factors, early multilingual development and multilingual education.
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