The Master in Teaching English in Multilingual Contexts (MELACOM) is an official postgraduate programme coordinated by Universitat Jaume I (UJI) which enjoys the collaboration of internationally renowned professors from American, European and Spanish universities. This master aims to provide an effective and high quality English language teaching programme which covers all stages of the current educative system, from infant to baccalaureate education, in order to reach a desired level of multilingualism.

General competences:
  • Study the theories of acquisition of the English language.
  • Have a deeper knowledge about research in the language learning field.
  • Study methodology for research.Analyse the role of discourse in language learning.
  • Study phenomena such as bilingualism and multilingualism.
  • Develop intercultural competence to improve communicative competence.
  • Study how to carry out research by means of statistical procedures and write a research proposal.
  • Have a deeper knowledge about methods for research.
  • Analyse the learning context and use of a foreign language.

Specific competences:
  • Analyse the basic features of theories of second language acquisition.
  • Study the discourse aspects in the foreign learning context.
  • Study the process by which a third language is learnt so that it can be distinguished from the learning of a second language.
  • Analyse the different perspectives in second language research to elaborate a paper in the most appropriate way.
  • Write a rigorous research proposal.
  • Study the affective factors which affect the process of second language learning.
  • Investigate implementation possibilities which take into account affective factors.
  • Analyse the different perspectives in the curricular design of second languages.