Laura Portolés wins AESLA 2016 Young Researcher award

Dr. Laura Portolés (LAELA) has received the prize "Young Researcher AESLA 2016" from the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics. The researcher and assistant professor of the Department of English Studies of the Universitat Jaume I has obtained this prize, considered one of the most important in the field of the Applied Linguistics in Spain, in recognition of her research, and especially for the publication of her book Multilingualism and Very Young Learners (De Gruyter). 

The publication continues the line of work developed by the researcher in her doctoral thesis Early Multilingualism: an analysis of pragmatic awareness and language attitudes in consecutive multilingual children, which showed how children are able to recognise pragmatically appropriate requests in three languages thanks to a high degree of pragmatic awareness and independently of their knowledge of these languages.