Otilia Martí speaks at Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Otilia Martí-Arnándiz will be speaking at the Language, Mind, Society: CLCS Public Lecture Series on Wednesday, 18 May at Trinity College Dublin. She will present and explain her work: “Men don’t beg” – when gender meets interlanguage pragmatics. 

Abstract: Unlike 'proficiency level' and 'stay abroad', the individual variable of 'gender' has been mostly neglected within the field of interlanguage pragmatics (Kasper & Rose, 2002). Yet, the close relationship existing between gender and politeness has been deeply explored by feminist linguists. Although both the dominance view represented by Lakoff (1975) and the difference framework advocated by Tannen (1990, 1998) have been widely critiqued (e.g. Mills, 2002, 2003), third-wave feminist scholars like Cameron (2009) still claim for the maintenance of gender as a potentially relevant variable within interactionalist sociolinguistics. This talk aims at pondering the effect of gender on the production of the politeness marker “please” when mitigating requests by Spanish EFL undergraduates from Universitat Jaume I, based in Castelló de la Plana, Spain. Participants in this study comprised 100 EFL learners, 50 males and 50 females with a balanced presence of elementary and intermediate students. Our discussion will focus, on the one hand, on gender stereotypes like the over-emotional woman versus men hiding their emotions except for anger (Davis, 1995: Barrett et al., 2000; Fisher & Manstead, 2000: 9; and Ackerman et al., 2001: 811); and, on the other hand, on the effects of pragmatic development (Achiba, 2003) and L1 transfer (Lorenzo-Dus & Bou-Franch, 2003).
18th May
Trinity College Dublin