LAELA research group hosts the International Workshop on Third Language English

On the 28th November, Group LAELA hosts the International Workshop on Third Language English: teaching, acquisition and use. The following, internationally recognised, scholars will present research:
  • Prof. David Singleton (University of Pannonia; Trinity College Dublin) - Learning additional languages in the context of intercultural and cross-lingual relationships.
  • Dr. Simone Pfenninger (University of Salzburg) - Multilingualism and ‘the earlier the better’ trend: Influence of starting age on L3 acquisition across different learner populations.
  • Dr. Enric Llurdà - (University of Lleida) - Looking for the intercultural language teacher, or how to move beyond the native/non-native division.
  • Dr. Maria Martínez (University of the Basque Country) - The use of communication strategies by CLIL learners: An overview of L3 English studies.
The workshop will take place in the Sala de graus (Facultat d’Humanes) between 08.45-13.45, with a break for coffee at 11.00.

28th November
Sala de graus (Facultat d’Humanes)